Activities, Events, and Interests


Watershed Themed School Opportunities

Working for Fairmount Water Works, There are a variety of school lessons that can be arranged for Philadelphia area schools and community groups, including Understanding Watershed Basics, Drinking Water Treatment, Sewage Treatment, and others. email me.

Sustainable Practices We All could Accomplish

Climate disruption is here. What daily practices can we commit to that reduces our carbon footprint? From reducing waste to gardening, the daily habits that we each practice impacts the earth around us. There are several blogs on this topic, I participate in community events, attempting to get information to the public, and to foster increased earth-friendly practices amongst the public.


“We” means all of us. The environmental field often is caucasian centered, excluding the voice and expertise of BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, People of Color) or other communities that have been systematically and systemically excluded. Some blogs are on this topic. I participate in several groups working to improve DEIJ and to dismantle white centered approaches.

Nature and Gardening

Be in nature. Garden. Grow food. Plant trees. Hike in parks. We all need exercise; we all could feel less stressed if we immerse ourselves in plants and interact positively with animals.

Whether it is watching birds, composting, following Phil’s lead in garden activities, or teaching children to be present in local parks with Let’s Go Outdoors  , Nature experiences are life giving!

Make Paper from recyclables-
Reduce Trash

Make beautiful craft paper from recycled paper pulp! Recycle unwanted paper; reduce trash and create a beautiful, useful project.

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